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The difference between PP non-woven fabric and PET non-woven fabric

PP is polypropylene raw material, that is, polypropylene fiber, which belongs to thin non-woven fabric; PET is a new polyester raw material, that is, polyester fiber, without any additives in the whole production process, it is a very good environmental protection product and belongs to thick non-woven fabric. 


Comparison of (PP) polypropylene non-woven fabric and (PET) polyester non-woven fabric: 

1PP raw materials are cheap and PET raw materials are expensive. The waste of PP can be returned to the furnace for reuse, and the waste of PET cannot be returned to the furnace, so the cost of PP is slightly lower.

2. The high temperature resistance of PP is about 200 degrees, while that of PET is about 290 degrees. PET is more resistant to high temperature than PP.

3. Non-woven printing, heat transfer effect, the same width PP shrinks more, PET shrinks less, the effect is better, PET is more economical and wasteful.

4. Tension, tension, bearing capacity, the same gram weight, PET is larger than PP tensile force, tension, bearing capacity. 65 grams of PET is equivalent to the pulling force, tension and bearing capacity of 80 grams of PP.

5. From the perspective of environmental protection, PP is doped with PP waste, and PET is all new polyester chips. PET is more environmentally friendly and hygienic than PP.


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